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Brass & Bronze Cleaner & Brightener

CU100L is a non-nitric based material designed to both clean and brighten copper, brass, bronze, and other non-ferrous metals. CU100L is a copper cleaner and brass cleaner that eliminates the nitric fumes typically associated with the brightening process. It is safe to use and easily waste treatable. CU100L is commonly used as pre-treatment for plating.

Copper, Brass and Bronze Cleaners
Brass & Bronze Tarnish Preventative

CU200L Tarnish Preventative prevents corrosion and the formation of tarnish on copper, brass, bronze, silver, nickel and other non-ferrous metals. CU200L Tarnish Preventative is often used to prevent tarnish on parts after machining and prior to plating (it must be removed prior to plating). CU200L Tarnish Preventative is also used when parts need to be stored or staged during the plating process, or after plating or cleaning to prevent tarnish on parts to be stored or shipped to the customer. CU200L Tarnish Preventative can be easily removed with an acid rinse or an acid cleaner. CU200L is a neutral, non-hazardous material.

Brass, Bronze and Copper Tarnish Preventatives
Brass & Bronze Cleaner

CU400L is a unique product that cleans, brightens and removes other metal contaminents, including lead, from the surface of copper and brass while providing a passivated surface which resists tarnishing.  CU400L meets EPA mandated NSF61 requirements for the removal of lead from copper and brass for drinking water systems.

Spray Cleaner

SW100L Spray Cleaner is a neutral, dispersing, spray wash cleaner for removing oil and grease after machining and fabrication. SW100L cleans and brightens copper, brass and bronze and prevents tarnishing.


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About Brass Cleaners, Brighteners, and Copper Cleaners: Stone Chemical Company offers Lead Removal From Brass Chemicals, Brass Cleaner, Copper Cleaner, Copper Brightener, Bronze Cleaner, NSF 61, brass bright dip, copper bright dip, lead removal, chemicals for removing lead from brass, brass cleaning chemicals, brass tarnish preventatives, brass brighteners, copper cleaning chemicals, copper tarnish preventatives, industrial parts copper cleaners, bronze cleaners, bronze cleaning chemicals, bronze tarnish preventatives, bronze brighteners, tarnish preventatives, removing tarnish and corrosion inhibitors. All of our brass and copper cleaners remove tarnish and corrosion inhibitors from copper, brass, bronze, silver, and nickel parts. Bright Dip aluminum anodizing achieves a highly electro polish finish similar to the quality of aluminum plating. In contrast to aluminum plating, Bright Dip aluminum anodizing is a chemical process that brightens aluminum and does not leave deposits on the surface of the part. The degree of brightness is dependent on the type of alloy as well as the surface finish of the part. With some aluminum cleaning chemicals and aluminum plating pre-treatment cleaners make it more possible to achieve a reflective, mirror type of finish.

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